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Today: Sunday, May 28, 2017


When I passed by thee, and saw thee . . . , I said unto thee . . . , Live.

Christ is the one who passes by. We should recognize the similarity here to the good Samaritan, who passed by and brought life and healing with his touch. In this case the picture is that of an infant, newborn and cast out into the open field. It lies there to the lothing of [its] person (v. 5), in the day it was born, still unwashed and covered with its blood. It lies doomed and ready to die.

What a picture of ourselves as we once were! God takes a poor, helpless, unseeing, untaught, perishing infant, lying in the open field, to show us how exposed we are to ruin, unable to do one thing to save ourselves. Every man, by nature and by practice, is under condemnation of sin. This is the plight of the babe from birth. We are born in sin and shapen in iniquity. A babe like this may in some way feel its miserable condition and sense that all is not well, but it cannot intelligently discern the extent of its danger. What a debt we owe to the Lord, who passed by to give us life!

All life is from the Lord, whether physical or spiritual. Through the intervention of the Saviour the babe received a new life. The true and full condition of this life came by the word of His mouth (James 1:18).

Birth is the beginning of life, but birth alone will not sustain life. There is just as great a miracle in the sustaining of life as there is in the bestowal of it. The One who saved us has also kept uswhen we could neither save nor keep ourselves. As in this chapter, He said to us, Thou becamest mine (v. 8). He has washed us, clothed, nourished, anointed, and covered us. Best of all, He has made us perfect through His comeliness, which He has put upon us: Thy renown went forth among the heathen for thy beauty (v. 14). Thus does the Lord confer His testimony upon His people. Let us not think lightly of what He has done.

If God had not chosen me before I was born, I am sure He would have seen nothing in me to have chosen me afterwards!
John Newton

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