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Today: Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Unrecognized Royalty

Kings and priests unto God.
Revelation 1:6

When the King of Kings walked this earth, He went unrecognized. It is little wonder then that the world utterly fails to perceive the real character and dignity of a Christian. However, there is no excuse for Christians themselves failing to see all that they have in Christ. Too many of us live under a constant cloud. We act as if we were helpless victims of our circumstances or impotent onlookers at the great drama of life. Are you like this? Are you limping through each day defeated and discouraged? Then learn what a high calling you really have as a Christian. When you truly know its extent, you will be able to live in the enjoyment of it.

Every Christian is a king unto God. He has a royal position, a royal prerogative, and a royal power. We are Gods kings, and Gods kings never abdicate. Our risen Redeemer has given us power over the world, the flesh, and the devil. By His own sovereign power He subdues our iniquities (Mic. 7:19) and empowers us to wield authority over lusts that once held us in bondage. He has set us free from every power of darkness. Why do we so often live as serfs instead of the sovereigns we really are?

We are not only kings, but priests. We have access to God. We come with an acceptable sacrifice, the Lamb of God whose blood has made a full atonement for us. Through Him we offer the sacrifice of praise and prayer. Not only does God accept these, but He accepts our persons as well. We are acceptable to God, welcome at His throne, and assured of an audience with Him every time we approach the mercy seat.

Let us then exert the spiritual influence proper to our calling. As kings, let us live in the world with all the spiritual authority of the throne we represent. As priests, let us centre our lives on the altar of Christs blood atonement and learn to be mighty intercessors who know how to plead the merit of that blood in prevailing prayer. Wherever we go today, let us be aware of our royal dignity, even if the world is not.

God wants us to be victors, not victims; to grow, not grovel; to soar, not sink; to overcome, not to be overwhelmed.
W. A. Ward

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