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Today: Monday, June 18, 2018

The Doctrine of Balaam

Thou hast there them that hold the doctrine of Balaam.

The greatest dangers to the church of Christ always come from the inside. The church of Pergamos was able to withstand the fiercest pressure from the outside. Though dwelling where Satans seat was, it held fast the Lords name and refused to deny His faith. Even the martyrdom of Antipas could not shake the believers resolution to be faithful to Christ. But that same church was in danger from within. The same people who would not capitulate to outside pressure now tolerated evil men and evil doctrines within their ranks.

The particular evil was the doctrine of Balaam. Balaam was the false prophet who recognized that the heathen force of Balak could never defeat Israel or deprive her of the protection of the Lordthat is, unless Israel brought herself under judgment because of sin. Thus he advised Balak to induce the Israelites to join his people in eating things sacrificed to idols and in immoral practices. Here, then, is the doctrine that threatened to wreck the work and witness of the church at Pergamos: the teaching that Christians could be lax in separation from their heathen surroundings and in their standards of personal morality.

This doctrine of Balaam is widely preached today. Satan is still attacking Christians on these two points. If we are to enjoy fellowship with the Lord and serve Him acceptably, we must be separated from the heathen spirit and practice of this world unto Him. This separation must particularly be seen in our church life and in our personal life. Ecclesiastical separation in an age of unscriptural ecumenicity and personal purity in an age of unbridled lust are the crying needs of Gods people. Only let us keep ourselves pure out of love for Christ and His truth, and no power on earth can shake our testimony.

How careful should we be to keep clean the house that is the dwelling of the King of Glory.
R. C. Chapman

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