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Today: Friday, March 22, 2019

Christ the Rock

Speak ye unto the rock.

Many years before the events surrounding todays text, the Lord told Moses to smite the rock to provide water for the people. Now, at Kadesh, He adds to the gospel type by instructing Moses to speak to the rock to obtain the precious supply. He was making the way of salvation very clear. Christ the Rock would be smitten once for all. His one great sacrifice would purchase eternal redemption for His people. The wound once given would open an inexhaustible fountain of blessing to meet the need of all who rest in Him. Thus no further stroke is needed or allowed. Rather, the thirsty sinner needs only to speak to the Rock, and he will find all that his soul needs in that constantly flowing river of the water of life.

The initial smiting of the rock was inflicted by Moses, the law-giver, the representative of the justice of God. The message is clear: when justice is satisfied, there will be no withholding of mercy. Since Christ has satisfied the justice of God by His suffering, His Father will unstintingly pour forth His merciful remedy for the parched souls of men. God will not, yea, cannot now withhold the blessings of the covenant. He is eternally satisfied and infinitely delighted with the travail of Christs crosswork, and out of justice as much as mercy will bestow upon His people all that Christ won for them.

What error there is on this point! Rome, with its dogma of the Mass, would smite Christ again and again. Blasphemy, insult, and distrust are constantly being heaped upon Christ by those religions which would crucify Him afresh. Ignorance shrouds the souls of countless multitudes who are blinded by such religions to the sufficiency of Christs finished work. Have you been in such ignorance, unwittingly smiting the Rock? Forsake that wicked way and those unrighteous thoughts. Speak to the Rock today, and He will have mercy upon you and will abundantly pardon.

Christ . . . did not make a token payment which God accepts in place of the whole. Our debts are not cancelled; they are liquidated.
John Murray

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