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Today: Monday, September 16, 2019


This is the work of God, that ye believe on him whom he hath sent.
JOHN 6:29

Man would rather do than believe. Many came to Christ asking what they must do to be saved, but they stumbled at the truth because of the heresy of salvation by works. Because of the widespread proclamation of the social gospel today, people think of Christianity as a gospel of mans deeds. It sounds wonderful for people to be doing works for God, but the real and primary need is to have the work of God wrought in your own soul. The inward operations of the gospel in your heart cannot be replaced by any system of good works.

Lest men should miss this fact, Christ emphasized the need to accept Gods way of saving souls. He calls you to faith in His own person as the only Redeemer of sinners. This action of believing is not merely a work of the mind, but of the heart. Nor is it any earning of merit for heaven. Simply put, it is a resting upon the merit of the finished work of Christs sacrifice. Dr. John Duncan once addressed a beggar-woman in Edinburgh: Now, youll promise me that youll seek: but mind, seeking will not save you, yet it is your duty; and if you seek youll find, and finding will save you.

Have you fallen into the age-old trap of seeking to work your way to peace with God? Have you tried to earn Gods favour by your works of self-righteousness, which you may be calling the works of God? Then heed the voice of the Saviour: the only true work of God in your heart is believing in Him and trusting in His work alone for salvation. Workaholics will accumulate no merit for heaven. Ceasing from works and resting in Christs merit is the sole way to glory.

Faith is the outstretched hand of the soul taking what Christ offers.
S. M. Zwemer

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