Daily Devotional from Eagles' Wings
Today: Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Using What We Have for God

Shamgar . . . slew of the Philistines six hundred men with an ox goad.
Judges 3:31

When there are no conventional instruments available, the Lord does not hesitate to use the unconventional. Shields and spears were hardly to be found among the Israelites, so complete was their enslavement by heathen invaders (Judg. 5:8). Without shields and spears, how could they possibly have military success against the well-equipped armies of the Philistines? The case seemed hopeless.

Enter Shamgar with his ox goad. Shamgar? Who was he? And, really, with an ox goad! What on earth could he do with that besides prod a few Philistine oxen? Nothing more derisory could be imagined. Yet that unknown Shamgar with his primitive and apparently useless weapon was Gods man to deliver Israel. And he did. No doubt he would have preferred the latest in military technology, but he realized that Gods work is done by consecrated men using what instruments God has given them in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Shamgars example leaves no room for excuse from any of us. What is that in thine hand? (Exod. 4:2). That question to the reluctant Moses is still the Lords question to us. Like Moses, we may have to confess that what we have holds no promise in itself of much usefulness in such a great work as the Lords. What matters, however, is not what we have, but what the Lord can do with it. Too many Christians do nothing for the advancement of Christs kingdom, always waiting for better training or more advantageous circumstances. Take what you have and give it to the Lord for His service today. After all, it is not human greatness God blesses in His service, but true love and faithfulness to Him. Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts (Zech. 4:6) is still the word that every servant needs to learn.

Give what Thou commandest, and command what Thou wilt.

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