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Today: Saturday, July 20, 2019

Sleeping Saints

What meanest thou, O sleeper?

While everyone else on Jonahs boat was praying and working, Jonah was fast asleep. The only saved man on the boat was doing absolutely nothing to help the increasingly desperate passengers and crew on board. Ah, but Jonah was a backslider! Not that that excuses him, but it helps to explain his uselessness and his prayerlessness.

The backslider is prayerless. He not only does not prayhe cannot pray, for prayer begins with submission to Gods will. When the Lord Jesus Christ taught His disciples to pray, He told them to say: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. Jonah could not have prayed like that. He could not have asked for the Lords will to be done on earth while he himself was deliberately disobeying God. If you are a backslider, you cannot pray. Once you start to pray, you stop backsliding. Backsliding and praying cannot exist together. They are like oil and water; they simply do not mix.

The backslider is a pretty useless person. Just as Jonah did nothing to help make the ship lighter and thereby increase everyones seemingly slim chances of survival, so backsliders do very little to help perishing souls come to a place of safety in the Lord Jesus Christ. Backsliders do nothing for God and are of no benefit to themselves, their family, their friends, their church, or the community in which they live.

It was a rough hand that aroused Jonah from his slumber. God may have to use a rough hand on us to arouse us from the prayerlessness and uselessness of backsliding.

Sometimes God makes use of a rough hand to arouse us from our lethargy, and we should be thankful that He cares sufficiently for us to do so.
A. W. Pink

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